I’m Majo!

Let me introduce myself, when not studying, preparing for the bar exam, trying to get certified in something, I am mixing cocktails! It’s been the most rewarding experience in my life so far, the social interaction, the personalization of each drink, and the service to others gets me every time.

I have been working in the service industry for about 5 years now, funny story is that the first time I started working as a bartender it was because I said a little white lie telling them I had experience doing so, when in reality I was just recently moved to the U.S with close to none experience in this! luckily for you (and for me!!), lots of things have changed throughout the years, and lots of learning has been involved.

Talk rum to me and we will best friends, Venezuela (my home country) is known for its good dark rums, and they will be our signature liquor in most of our signature cocktail recipes. Ready to try some interesting drinks?

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